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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Getting Started
1.2 Features
1.3 Overview
2. Preparation
2.1 Header
2.2 Building the Source
2.3 Using Automake
2.4 Multi Threading
3. Error Handling
3.1 Error Values
3.2 Error Strings
A. Net MD Protocol
A.1 Transferring Data
A.2 Command Syntax
A.2.1 Basic Syntax Rules
A.2.2 Backward Compatibility
A.2.3 Data Types
A.2.3.1 Track Numbers
A.2.3.2 Times
A.2.3.3 Encodings
A.2.3.4 Tags
A.2.4 Return Status
A.3 Commands
A.3.1 Device Commands
A.3.1.1 Exclusive Login
A.3.1.2 Get Disc Count
A.3.1.3 Get Disc Operating Mode Status
A.3.1.4 Get Play Counter
A.3.1.5 Get Recording Parameters
A.3.1.6 Play Audio
A.3.1.7 Stop Play
A.3.1.8 Set Play Counter By Track
A.3.1.9 Set Play Counter By Time
A.3.1.10 Search Audio Track
A.3.2 Disc Commands
A.3.2.1 Get Disc Title
A.3.2.2 Get Disc Flags
A.3.2.3 Get Disc Capacity
A.3.2.4 Set Disc Title
A.3.2.5 Get Track Count
A.3.2.6 Erase Disc
A.3.3 Track Commands
A.3.3.1 Get Track Title
A.3.3.2 Get Track Protection
A.3.3.3 Get Track Length
A.3.3.4 Get Track Encoding
A.3.3.5 Set Track Title
A.3.3.6 Erase Track
A.3.3.7 Move Track
B.0.1 Preamble
How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs
C. GNU Free Documentation License
C.0.1 ADDENDUM: How to use this License for your documents
Concept Index
Function and Data Index

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